Engineer for safety and labor protection


Forest Technology company is located in Ukrainka Malinsky district of Zhytomyr region. We invite Engineer for safety and labor protection.


  • Education – Higher (desirable)
  • Experience in a manufacturing enterprise in a similar position – from 1 year;
  • Knowledge of regulatory standards, regulations and instructions;
  • Good organizational skills.

Working conditions:

  • Official employment in accordance with the Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • Decent wages;
  • It is possible to combine the position of chief power engineer.


  • development of programs to improve working conditions and labor protection, prevention of injuries and occupational diseases;
  • conducting an introductory briefing on labor protection and safety;
  • organization and conduct of personnel training in safe working methods;
  • participation in the work of the commission for the verification of knowledge requirements in the field of labor protection and safety;
  • certification and certification of workplaces for compliance with the requirements of labor protection and safety, monitoring the status of equipment, machines and mechanisms;
  • management of labor protection and safety procedures;
  • development of local regulations on labor protection and safety;
  • organization of safe operation of equipment;
  • monitoring compliance with occupational health and safety standards;
  • interaction with state supervision and control bodies;
  • organization of the work of the accident investigation commission.