Як зробити ВВП України в 1 трильйон – дискусія на КМЕФ


The Kyiv International Economic Forum once again brought together leading experts, businessmen, investors, government officials and society to discuss topical economic issues.
Trend analysis and heated discussions on socially important topics have always been a trademark of the forum. This year, one of the hottest was the discussion of Ukraine’s future GDP. In particular, the speakers put forward various hypotheses about how the state can reach the level of GDP of 1 trillion dollars. The terms of realization of the plan were also worrying. What can government and business do for this? What tools need to be used and in what areas can “national champions” be raised?

Discussion speakers:

Igor Liski is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EFI Group

Serhiy Haidachuk is the founder and president of the CEO Club

Giovanni Salvetti Managing Director of Rothschild International Banking Group

Dmytro Natalukha Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Economic Development

Valentyn Zaporoschuk, founder and president of the PRAVIO group of companies

The issue of responsible leadership in Ukraine is also relevant today. After all, both the state and business must not only understand where our focus is, but also pursue a pragmatic target policy to create a powerful system of industries in the country. What will new businesses look like in the next decade and what are they really needed for?

Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group of companies “Effective Investments”, said that the new industrialization of the country is the main task for economic growth.

“Actually, I see a real opportunity to realize the idea of ​​a trillion GDP due to a great value transformation. Achieving a trillion GDP growth means growing non-linearly, but by huge leaps. In my opinion, we will come to such growth only thanks to large-scale breakthrough projects. Some colleagues at the Kyiv Economic Forum saw the country’s future in cryptocurrency, IT and agriculture. But I believe that there is no future in these industries if we ignore the need to create value-added products. The situation is the same with the classic leaders among the branches of the Ukrainian economy: heavy industry and energy. IT professionals, who mostly work for the added value of other countries, do little to really help the domestic economy, “said Igor Liski.

The investor also stressed the importance of developing value-added projects, namely those that are engaged in processing and focus on the global market.