Smart solargaps blinds. Solar modules mounted on window blinds, placed from the inner or outer part of the window opening, allow to convert solar radiation into electrical energy.  This gives you the opportunity to make the dwelling or other premises independently of external electrical networks. Used solar cells with the latest in modern coating ETFE, allowing you to receive the ultraviolet light even on cloudy rainy weather. This ETFE coating is resistant to dirt and mechanical damage (e.g. hail).
Controlled by the application from your smartphone. Automatically adjust their position for maximum generation.

there Are several options for connecting via the inverter SMART (smart): network inverter – converts solar energy and immediately gives to the network feeding low-power devices; hybrid inverter – accumulates and allows you to make a reserve of electricity for more powerful electrical appliances. It all depends on the insolation of your room. The more sun and the higher the floor – the more energy you can get.

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