Feednova is a modern enterprise for the production of feed additives for farm animals and pets. The company is an investment project of the Group of Companies “Effective Investments”. The project team has developed a detailed plan of implementation, a financial model, and worked out strategic aspects of development. Innovative technologies, strict adherence to international quality standards and transparent terms of cooperation are the main priorities of our company.

Company Mission – Creating quality products and services at international level. We aim to develop leading practices for the economical use of resources in Ukraine.

Feednova provides services on the collection, transport, preparation and processing of material of animal by-products, which can no longer be used as food for humans. Sustainable development of agriculture is impossible without an effective model of slaughter industry, as well as timely processing of by-products. The economic development of the region of our presence, as well as compliance with the rules of the environment, is ensured by the high standards of FeedNova’s business.

We provide hygienic, economical and quick processing of by-products of slaughterhouses, supermarkets, farms. The system of work in the company operates in accordance with the legal standards.

Feednova creates high-quality protein products that are used as feed additives for animals. The quality control system and the strict separation of input raw materials allow us to control the quality of the final product and divide it both by category and by origin. Category 2 products are our customers as fuel at power plants and for biodiesel production.

Official website of the company: feednova.com.ua