Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory

Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory is one of the three leaders in Eastern Europe and the CIS in the production of lumpy pads for eggs, paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and corrugated products. The plant was created on the basis of the Zhytomyr Paper Mill – a leading cardboard manufacturer in the USSR.

In 2005, Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory was completely modernized and revived. New modern equipment was purchased, production workshops were restored and repaired.

In 2012, “Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory” launched a line for the production of environmentally friendly trays for packaging eggs. High-tech equipment was manufactured and installed by Hartman (Denmark). The new production line Hartman 420 is modern and economical, which allowed  company to expand the range and increase the volume of products.

The production capacity of the line, complying with the global environmental and energy-saving standards, amounted to 8 million egg packaging trays per month. The investment project for the delivery of the Hartman production line was carried out in Ukraine for the first time.

In 2013, the plant began production of a new type of egg tray. This product is representative of the Hartmann series of trays, which were designed to provide first class egg protection during long distance transportation by road and sea transport. Due to the unique dimensions, the geometry of the tray and the protective cover is achieved savings in logistics and completely eliminates the egg battle.

Currently, Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory produces more than 100 million units of production per year. Corrugated cardboard plant is the basis for the production of environmentally friendly packaging and individual packaging for many industries.

Team of specialists of more than 500 people is engaged in the production and marketing of ZCF products.

Official website of the company: cardboard.com.ua