Social responsibility

Our commitments

EFI Group understands social responsibility as a necessary component of our success. We strive to:

Create value

We are sure that a successful business should benefit not only the owners, but also the community. We are actively developing projects that contribute to socio-economic growth and improvement of the life’s quality.

Save the environment

We recognize the importance of sustainable development for the future generations. All our actions and decisions are based on a responsible attitude to natural resources and ensuring the ecological balance.

Support the community

We actively cooperate with the communities in which we work. We initiate and support charitable projects aimed at the development of education, health care and social support.

Our influence

From development of innovative solutions to reducing our carbon print, we believe our business has great potential to make positive and impactful changes.

Our projects


Army help

We are proud of our military staff who bravely defend our country. Our projects are aimed at providing support and assistance to military staff and their families.

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Restoration of cultural heritage

We understand that cultural heritage is an integral part of our identity. Our projects for the restoration of cultural monuments are aimed at preserving and promoting the values of the past.

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Social rehabilitation

Our social responsibility is an obligation to help those who need support the most. We believe that a small contribution can make a big difference. Our projects are aimed at improving the quality of life of the vulnerable sections of our society, supporting and providing opportunities for development. Together we are building a vision of a new country and responsible leadership.

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Contact us

We are always open for the cooperation and joint initiatives. If you have ideas or suggestions for corporate social responsibility, please contact us. Join us on this trip to a better future where business can be a force for positive changes . Together we can do more!