Forest Technology

Forest Technology is a company, which produces sawn timber, linear wood products and pine fuel pellets. In 2017, Forest Technology gained significant investment, which allowed a to considerably increase its production capacities. The company equipment includes the machines made by leading European manufacturers. Quality control, high technological efficiency and strict fulfillment of contractual commitments are principles our company based on. 

Nowadays the factory processes up to 5 thousand cubic meters of round timber per month. The company exports sawn timber, linear wood products and fuel pellets to European and Asian countries. The manufacturing process of Forest Technology is certified by Eurocert, products, made by the company, are ecologically clean and comply with all technical requirements.

Company products are lumber of chamber drying (sawn timber), linear wood products and fuel pine pellets. The materials are dried in special industrial chambers according to the individual specifications of the customer. Products are solid and glued along the length to an open or closed toothed spike. The company provides quality service and a wide assortment of products for each customer.

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