About company

Our mission is to create, successfully develop Ukrainian
enterprises in strategic industries

In 2002, in Lugansk, a single management center was formed for a group of enterprises in the mining and processing and engineering industries, which in 2007 was transformed into the All-Ukrainian group of companies “Effective Investments”. The strategic vector of development – attracting direct investment in the domestic economy and implementing large-scale investment projects.

Today the corporate center of the company operates in various areas: healthcare, paper, food and woodworking industries, the development and implementation of energy-saving solutions, gas trading, agricultural supplies. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Effective Investment Group is Igor Liski.

Group enterprises are located in five regions of Ukraine with a control center in Kiev. Our experts solve the most non-standard investment tasks, use a comprehensive market analysis and the latest technology. The company effectively cooperates with partners and customers in Ukraine and abroad.

Presence in the international market is one of our competitive advantages. We attract foreign investment, conduct transparent business, and work according to international financial reporting standards.

Our mission

Our mission in creation is in the successful development of enterprises of strategic industries for Ukraine. We strive to create better projects and a better future, follow the principles of developing the creative potential of a country and an economy based on the renewal of resources.

We actively attract foreign and domestic investments, cooperate with leading world companies, use advanced experience in production and management, introduce the latest technologies.

We are convinced that the realization of the powerful potential of Ukrainian enterprises and the ensuring of a strong position of a domestic producer in the international market is the basis for successful business development and the socio-economic revival of Ukraine.

Our values

Efficiency. We achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time, optimally using resources. Attracting international partners, our company has the opportunity to apply advanced technologies, production solutions and management practices.

A responsibility. We fulfill obligations to business partners, employees and regions where our enterprises are present: we produce high-quality and competitive products, we care about safe working conditions and the environment, and we help to develop social infrastructure.

Engagement. We form a team of professionals, caring and creative people who are fully involved in individual projects and the activities of the company as a whole. We know for sure – only by combining the efforts of all employees can common goals be achieved. We support our employees and create conditions for their development, professional and career growth