About company

Our mission is to create, successfully develop Ukrainian
enterprises in strategic industries



Effective lnvestments Company (Effective lnvestments, LLC) was founded in 2007. Corporate center of the group of enterprises carries out its activity in various branches of the economy: paper industry, gas, energy, agriculture, woodworking, creative industry and healthcare. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Effective lnvestments Goup of Companies is lgor Liski. 

Production facilities of the enterprises are located in Ukraine with the headquarter in Kyiv.

Our specialists solve non-standard investment tasks using integrated market analysis and the use of the modern technologies. Company successfully works with clients not only in Ukraine, but also on the CIS and foreign countries market.


Formation and development

In 2002, unique center of enterprises management in the mining and processing and machine-building industry began to form in Luhansk. Within the next five years, the sphere of activity of “Effective Investments” company expands to the all-Ukrainian level. The company’s interests include construction, machine building, trade and rental of construction equipment, agriculture.

In 2007, the corporate center “Effective Investments” was created to optimize asset management.

The strategic vector of enterprise development is defined – attraction of direct investments into the Ukrainian economy, realization of large-scale investment projects.


International cooperation

Access to the international market is another competitive advantage of Effective Investments. The company is already attracting foreign investment in Ukraine, based on its principles of openness in business, working on international financial reporting standards.



Our mission is to create, successfully develop Ukrainian enterprises in strategic industries for Ukraine. We strive to create better projects and a better future, following the principles of the circular economy and the development of the country’s creative potential.

We actively involve foreign and domestic investments, cooperate with leading world companies, use the best practices in production and management, and introduce modern technologies.

We are convinced that realization of the powerful potential of Ukrainian enterprises and ensuring strong position of the domestic producer in the international market is the key to successful business development and socio-economic revival of Ukraine.



Our values

Efficiency. We achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time, making optimum resources use. Our company has the ability to apply advanced manufacturing solutions, management practices and technologies with the involvement of partners all over the world.

Responsibility. We fulfill our obligations to business partners, employees and regions of the presence of our enterprises.

Following the partners agreement, we produce high-quality and competitive products. We realize our responsibility to work community and regions of our enterprises presence — the company sees its task in creating comfortable and safe conditions for their well-being and prosperity.

Involvement. We create a team of professionals fully involved in the project and the company as a whole. Our strength is in a professional team of indifferent and creative people. We know for sure – we can achieve common goals only by combining the efforts of all employees. We support our employees and create conditions for their growth together with the company.