The SEM Ecopack company has created a unique production technology of a fundamentally new, environmentally friendly product on the packaging materials market.

The company’s mission is to provide customers around the world with high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging for food products. The company guarantees superiority not only in product quality and quick adaptation to market requirements, but also in the price aspect.

SEM Ecopack is a company that offers new types of packaging for a wide range of products for the Ukrainian and European markets. Now the company has created several dozen fundamentally new types of packaging from a unique and environmentally friendly material-pulperboard, from which, after completion, you can create any form of the desired stiffness. This material can replace almost all plastic packaging.

Also, the team of professionals is actively working on the development of a new raw material base from renewable sources of the none wood fiber category (fibers of annual plants-grass, straw, etc.), because one of the main missions of the company is to create a new material paradigm.

The main products of SEM Ecopack:

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