DOC.UA — an online hub for finding doctors, clinics and medical laboratories. It processes over 700,000 requests per month. Clients can use the services of more than 10 thousand medical specialists and 1,700 medical institutions in Ukraine. is a service through which you can find a doctor, make an appointment at a clinic or a medical laboratory to take tests, or order medicine online. The online hub has also launched a new opportunity to get convenient and remote express consultations with your doctor. service intends to develop actively outside Ukraine. The online service in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova is planned to be launched in 2020. Also under development are the markets of Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and the UAE. supports medical institutions of Ukraine during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the company directs all profit from its activity. At the first stage, purchases certified medical equipment for the hospitals of Cherkasy and Zhytomyr: oxygen concentrators, cardio monitors, protective shields and artificial ventilation apparatus.

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