DOC.UA is an online hub that makes access to medicine simple and convenient from a home computer or any mobile device. On one Internet site, you can make an appointment with a specialist or perform a surgical operation for free, find a clinic, laboratory, diagnostic center, choose and order medications. With the help of the company, you can consult online with doctors of various specialties.

Now in Ukraine, for customers of the services of are available to more than 11 thousand medical specialists, more than 1500 clinics and more than 1500 diagnostic centers. This list is constantly growing, and the geography of service is expanding. The online hub database contains about 300 thousand patient reviews about the work of doctors and medical institutions. This helps other company customers make the right choice. has its own call center, whose employees have a medical education, IT specialists, and departments for working with doctors and partners. is actively developing in Ukraine and abroad. In 2020, the company begins work in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Moldova under the brand. In addition, the online hub plans to enter the markets of Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and the UAE.

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