Beehive Cosmetics

Beehive Cosmetics is a Ukrainian brand of premium natural cosmetics created during the Great War.

The brand combines cutting-edge scientific advancements with the elegance of natural ingredients to accentuate your natural beauty and instill confidence.

Igor Lisky, founder of the investment holding company EFI Group, along with Nina Dombrovskaya, co-owner of the brand, dedicated three years of their lives to this project, creating a unique formula where each ingredient plays a crucial role. Ukrainian honey is a key component of Beehive Cosmetics’ vibrant products such as hair shampoos, cream masks, spray-botox, serums, and more. It provides a natural radiance and beauty to enhance your beauty. The honey, which forms the foundation of Beehive Cosmetics’ products, comes from BEEHIVE, a part of EFI Group’s assets.

We invite you to visit the official Beehive Cosmetics website where you can experience the benefits of technological cosmetics for your beauty and confidence.

Official website of the Beehive Cosmetics.