Construction of a new enterprise continues


More than 120 tons of steel structures have already been installed at the site of the main production complex of the modern FEEDNOVA plant.  About 220 tons will be installed for further arrangement of the structure by the end of May.

This is one of the important stages in the construction of a plant for the production of high protein supplements and high-quality fats for farm and domestic animals.

“We are working hard and plan to complete the construction on time,” – notes Andrei Ogorodnik, director of FEEDNOVA. – “Ahead is the construction of the walls and roof of the main production complex, the supply of communications, the purchase and installation of equipment.”

The new enterprise will have the most advanced wax production equipment and technologies that minimize environmental impact.

FEEDNOVA investors are planning to build two more plants in Ukraine, for which they began to search areas in the central and eastern regions.