EFI Group created the initiative Become a blood donor for defenders!

EFI Group organized a trip to the Main Military Clinical Hospital to donate blood. Company employees joined the initiative to help our soldiers in the fight for life.

Donor contributions are distributed at the hospital and sent to frontline hospitals. Any blood type with any rhesus is suitable.

Colleagues visited the Main Military Clinical Hospital at Hospitalna 16.

“I am glad that we can help soldiers, because their health is the key to victory and the future of the country. We had many people who became donors for the first time. But everyone felt good, because it passed without any obstacles. I hope even more people will be inspired to donate. We plan to support the initiative in the future,” said Olena Gvozdenko, executive director of EFI Group.

We invite you to join the donor initiatives. To better prepare for this important contribution, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the donor note.

Everything will be Ukraine!