Protection of cultural heritage: the restoration of the Zhevusky-Lantskoronskyi Palace in the Lviv Region has begun

The Zhevuskyi and Liantskoronsky Palace is a building with a centuries-old history, is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a symbol of the national heritage. In light of modern challenges and threats to cultural values, Ukrainian business understands the need to unite forces with the authorities and the community to ensure the preservation of this precious heritage.

Rozdil, Lviv Region, [2023.08.18] – Despite everything, Ukrainian business is investing in the restoration of historical monuments and cultural heritage. As part of the social responsibility program of the investment company EFI Group, the restoration of the Zhevuskyi-Lantskoronskyi Palace in the Lviv Region has begun.

Ukraine is facing great challenges in preserving its cultural heritage. According to estimates, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, more than 1,000 different monuments and cultural objects have been damaged and about 550 destroyed as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, 2 of them – in the Lviv region.

The start of the program began after the presentation of the restoration project and the solemn signing of the Memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of the restoration project of the Palace between the EFI Group and the authorities of the region. The signing of the Memorandum took place under the patronage of the Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytskyi and other high-ranking officials.

“This Memorandum is not just an agreement, it is our common goal – to restore the cultural heritage and preserve it for the future generations. Ukrainian business has shown great responsibility, and this is another step towards supporting our identity and our culture,” noted Maksym Kozytskyi.

The importance of restoring a historical monument is not only in restoring the building, but also in taking care of the national memory.

“Nowadays, the restoration of the Palace is more important than ever, because we understand: if we do not restore the palace now, then we are not sure that the palace will survive the next winter. In fact, restoration is not just a project, but an urgent need, saving the architectural monument. This is our duty to the past and the future,” emphasized Yaryna Yatsenko, the Head of the Novorozdil City Council.

At the same time, the investment company EFI Group, which initiated and organized this important initiative, is confident that in the light of wartime challenges and threats to our cultural treasures, the nation unites for a common mission – to preserve this treasure for itself and for the future generations.

“We feel a great responsibility and believe that right now, during the war, only the joint efforts of authorities, businesses and the public can preserve our past for the future generations. From our side, EFI Group understands the need to take into account and preserve the historical and cultural value of the monument of architecture in order to preserve the authenticity and unique features of the original design,” – stressed the chairman of the supervisory board of EFI Group Ihor Liski.

Investor Ihor Liski also noted that the task of EFI Group is not only to restore the palace to its former glory, but also to create a profitable project that will contribute to the development of the local economy and replenish the budget of Rozdil.

“We are sure that the restored palace can become not only an architectural symbol, but also a center of cultural and commercial events that will benefit the local community. We have engaged experts to analyze the possible directions of use of the object and develop a balanced plan,” Ihor Liski emphasized.

He also called on the public to join this discussion, share their ideas and point out the areas of use of the monument that meet the needs and wishes of the local community. Among the options currently under consideration is the creation of a state-of-the-art military rehabilitation center that will meet the demands of the times and the needs of our defenders. We are also considering the idea of opening an English-style private school, where our children will be able to get a quality education according to European standards. At the same time, the possibility of creating a five-star hotel is being considered. This will lead to the overall tourist flow increase in Rozdil, which will contribute to the development of infrastructure and services and provide an opportunity to experience in the atmosphere of the past and feel its spirit.

EFI Group already has considerable experience in the implementation of innovative projects aimed at supporting the development of the country. In particular, the company is an investor in two key links in the Lviv region – Feednova and SEMecopack. These projects are part of the EFI Group portfolio aimed at creating high-quality and innovative products for the global market.

We will remind you that in June 2023, the State Property Fund sold the Zhevuski-Lantskoronski Palace at a privatization auction for UAH 15,984,000 including VAT. Currently, EFI Group is consolidating experts and professionals for a thorough analysis of the Palace’s condition, uniting forces on joint development of restoration protocols, identification of elements that primarily need protection. The investor also enlisted the support of experienced architects, researchers, experts and consultants specializing in the reconstruction and preservation of architectural monuments, whose expertise will help to ensure the correct restoration of the monument, and also plans to interact with the public.

The memorandum is a confirmation of coordinated cooperation between the authorities and the investment company EFI Group, which became the owner of the Zhevusky and Liantskoronsky Palaces after winning the privatization auction of the State Property Fund.

As of the time of purchase, the above-mentioned Object and the adjacent park area are in a very neglected state and require systematic and comprehensive revitalization. The new owner signed an agreement on the protection of cultural heritage and the preservation of its historical appearance.

The memorandum was made possible by the joint efforts of many parties and is an important step towards the preservation of cultural heritage and national pride. We appeal to the media to actively cover this process, which determines our common future and the importance of cooperation in the name of preserving history.


About EFI Group

EFI Group is a Ukrainian investment company that creates ecosystem projects. Areas of investment of EFI Group: healthcare and medtech, paper, food and wood processing industry, supply of agricultural products. Feednova and SEMecopack (located in Lviv region) are one of the key links in the EFI Group portfolio aimed at creating innovative and high-quality products for the global market.


About the palace

An architectural landmark, the palace of the Zhevusky-Liantskoronsky family was built in 1740 in the French Renaissance style by Michal Zhevusky, the Heir of Rozdil. This is an elegant monument of history, created under the leadership of Michal Zhevusky, Rozdol’s heir.

The park around the palace is part of the nature reserve fund of Ukraine, confirming its ecological significance. The importance of preserving this cultural diamond requires careful care.

Back in the 19th century, the palace became the ancestral heritage of the Liantskoronsky family, which expanded it within the limits of the available possibilities. The antique sculptures and art objects, which enriched the interior of the building were chosen by Karol Liantskoronsky. Travel and collecting gave the palace a unique character. Unfortunately, after the Second World War, most of the valuables were taken out of the country. However, thanks to the incredible efforts of Borys Voznytskyi, the director of the Lviv Art Gallery, only two ancient sculptures remained – a precious spirit of the past.

The times of the Soviet era led to the transformation of the palace into a branch of one of the sanatoriums of Morshyn. In the era of independence, the community “Ukrprofozdorovnytsia” became its owner. However, the sensitive interior of the palace inevitably became the object of controversial discussions. In 2017, the Supreme Court made the decision to return the palace to the state, and in 2022 it came under the management of the State Property Fund. Auctions were organized under their leadership.

Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in this extremely important event, which will highlight our commitment to the past and the future. Your support and coverage of this moment in the mass media will contribute to our common goal – the restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage of our country.