EFI Group transferred the production of “Sem Ecopack” near Lviv region


Interfax news

The investment holding EFI Group (“Effective Investments”) of businessman Igor Liskі relocated the production of cardboard packaging “Sem Eсopaсk” from the town of Tomakivka (Dnipropetrovsk region) to Sambor (Lviv region) and put into operation the main line for the production of packaging for food products.

“The transfer of production was a big test for the team, because the enterprise was located quite close to the front line. We saved people, their jobs and business, which gives the country not only taxes, but also innovative products. The state supported us with the relocation, and here our cooperation turned out to be very effective,” the EFI Group press service told Interfax-Ukraine.

As reported, at the end of 2020, EFI Group acquired the real estate of the former bread factory in Sambor to create another production of pulpboard packaging – an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic packaging with a new product line with a capacity of 150 million units. for a year.

“Now in Sambor, the main line is put into operation, the second one is in the process of starting up. We are considering the issue of starting the third line and are looking for ways to finance the start-up and increase production capacity,” the press service notes.

She specified that, despite the three-month relocation process and a difficult period of reorientation, the company’s production in 2022 was reduced by only 5% compared to 2021, when 180 million pieces of various packaging were produced.

“This was achieved by increasing hourly productivity and optimizing the range of products. In the fourth quarter, we managed to bring production to a profit,” the company reported.

At the same time, 90% of the products are exported to EU countries.

The company also notes that after the relocation, not only jobs were saved, but also new ones were created.

“We have many large-scale plans for the expansion of sales markets, and we have real advantages compared to global manufacturers, in particular, unique packaging developments, production speed. We are almost the only Ukrainian company that stands at the forefront of creating pulpboard packaging for apples, berries and other vegetables and fruits,” the company notes.

The press service added that it was possible to set up production quite quickly, taking into account the fact that “Sam Ecopack” manufactures not only packaging, but also production machines and lines for the manufacture of pulpboard products.

This allowed us to quickly change the configuration of the equipment, switch to new types of packaging, because there was no need to wait for additional equipment from abroad. And that’s why we promptly reoriented production to the European pulpboard market. It was necessary to significantly expand the range, to introduce elements of the industrial system, but the relocation made it possible to become closer to the consumer,” the press service of EFI Group noted.

The press service notes that innovative developments in packaging for food products and special equipment for its production are in demand.

“Understanding the demand for our products in the world, we plan to expand to new markets. We are also considering the construction of a new production facility in Europe,” the press service noted, without specifying these plans.

The press service added that the company certainly faced the problem of solvency and reduced demand for a certain list of products. “But our clients got out of the situation with overdue debts in a dignified manner. We have no open issues in this regard,” the company stated.