Films of the project “Watch Ukrainian” continue to win


Films of the project “Watch Ukrainian” continue to win at Ukrainian film festivals. Effective Investments Group of Companies supported the project at the stage of formation. The development of Ukrainian cinema and creative youth is the social responsibility of our business. The support for lighting society important problems is part of the system of values ​​of our corporate culture.

In the competition for prize places at this year’s film festival “Kinomarshrut” in Zhovkva (Lviv region), out of 250 submitted works, 68 films were introduced in 3 competitive programs. Among the 20 participants of the National Program in the category “Game Cinema”, the following films of the “See Ukrainian” Project were taken:
“On the Ground” and “Forgiven Sunday” – directed by Sasha Kiriyenko, “Ordinary Morning” – directed by Kadim Tarasov “On the Edge” – directed by Alexander Itigilov, “The Man” – directed by Oksana Tarasenko, “Elevator” – directed by Mikhail Illenko and the film ” Cadet “directed by Alexander Stolyarov.

According to the results of the jury of the competition program of the film festival “KINOMARSHRUT”, two pictures of the project “Watch Ukrainian” won prize places:

And the place – the film “On the ground”, directed by Sasha Kiriyenko
ІІ place – the film “Man”, director and scriptwriter Oksana Artemenko

Congratulations to the creative teams of the winners and the project team “Watch Ukrainian – Do Your Future!”