Igor Liski: “The Ukrainian agricultural sector and digital have great potential for development”


Ukraine can use the current crisis to realize its agricultural potential, as well as scale the scope of IT and digital to other markets. This was told by the chairman of the supervisory board of the group of companies “Effective Investments” Igor Liski during the online marathon “BrainStorm Marathon”, by BUSINESS magazine.

Our country can solve the issue of food security through the export of its products. At the same time, it is necessary to quickly “pull up” processing and other related industries to an appropriate level. For example, now the packaging business is developing well.

“The idea is not just to grow and sell raw materials, but also to promote domestic brands, a finished product with maximum added value,” – says Igor Liski. – “Today it is the main trend for Ukraine.”

The online and digital spheres also have great potential, but we have a small market, so its participants should think about how to scale, enter other markets and compete there.

“We respond quickly to changes, current trends and trends. For example, now our DOC.ua medical online hub is actively developing, since we understand that people really need it, there is a demand for such services. In this direction, we sometimes do more in a week than we did in a month. DOC.ua will work not only in Ukraine: this week we will enter the market of Uzbekistan, then Kazakhstan and Moldova,” – says the chairman of the supervisory board of the Effective Investments group of companies. – Now there is a chance for Ukrainian IT – many businesses have a request for digitalization and online access. The behavior of people is changing: how they buy, how they get goods and services.”

In addition, according to Igor Liski, the approach to team building is changing.

“If the office and the atmosphere in it were important before, now it is necessary to set an over-target and motivate people to work at home, from the car, in the country,” – he notes. – “You cannot control employees, and the only thing that can motivate them is the super-idea in whom they believe.” Controlling who and when left what did is an old approach that no longer works or works differently. “Motivation comes to the forefront, attracting people, uniting around an idea or business model.”