FEEDNOVA investors talk about the project


“NV” published a joint interview with Igor Liski, chairman of the supervisory board of the Effective Investments group of companies and Nadezhda Kaznacheeva, investment director of UMG Investments, in which they talked about the construction of FEEDNOVA – a plant for the production of high protein feed additives and animal fats.

According to Igor Liski, from the very beginning “Effective Investments” was looking for strategic investors. As a result, Mada Participations B. V. from the Netherlands and UMG Investments became partners of the company.

“We were looking for those who will strengthen the project, provide more than money,” – says Igor Liski. – “Dutch investors brought their expertise in processing livestock products, and UMG Investments brought their understanding of the processes, the experience of creating a business from scratch.”

FEEDNOVA will become not only a platform for the production of high-protein products, which are in high demand in the world, but also a plant that will help solve the global problem of livestock waste in our country.

“Now in Ukraine there are only small local specialized enterprises built by manufacturers for their own needs, and outdated factories created under the USSR that do not work at the proper level,” – said the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Effective Investments.

“We have a strong commercial expertise in organizing procurement and sales, we know how to bring new products to the market, including in the markets of Asia and Europe,” – adds Nadezhda Kaznacheeva. – It is very important for us that our projects are innovative and environmentally friendly. I want to do something, which can then be told to the children. For me personally this is very important.”

According to the estimates of “Effective Investments” in Ukraine it is necessary to build at least two more such enterprises of a full cycle. Therefore, FEEDNOVA investors are actively looking for new construction sites in the central and southern regions of our country.