Kiev Regional State Administration signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with


During June of this year, residents of Kiev and Kiev region can use free audio advice from qualified doctors and get online information testing for symptoms of coronavirus. This is stated in the Memorandum, which is concluded between the Kiev Regional State Administration and the online hub, which is part of the Effective Investments group of companies.

The signed document once again proves that business and government can join forces and cooperate productively, especially if it concerns the life and health of people.

“Consulting doctors for residents of the region is a useful initiative that will allow people to get professional advice and, possibly, prevent diseases. I am grateful to the doctors for their help. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic. I urge residents not to neglect their health and use the help of doctors on time. Take care of yourself and your loved ones,” – said the head of the Kiev Regional State Administration Vasily Volodin.

During audio consultations, the user receives professional advice from doctors that they provide, given the symptoms described. Also, doctors will help to draw up an algorithm for further actions and, if necessary, to decipher the test results. The duration of the consultation is 10 minutes. You can get this service after simple registration on the website of the online hub.

Also, on the website or on its pages in Viber or Telegram, you can take a simple online test to help you determine whether you are at risk for coronavirus disease. The program is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The test results are for reference only and are not an established diagnosis.

“Adaptive quarantine with relaxed conditions was introduced in Ukraine, but this does not mean the final victory over COVID-19, therefore we strive to help as many people as possible,” – said Sergey Kazantsev, founder of – Also do not forget that taking care of your health is always necessary. Other diseases have not disappeared. We need prevention and treatment. For this, we offer Ukrainians affordable and convenient services”.

Recall that earlier the online hub concluded memoranda of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Cherkasy and Kherson regional state administrations and successfully fulfilled its obligations.