EFI Group created the initiative Become a blood donor for defenders!

EFI Group organized a trip to the Main Military Clinical Hospital to donate blood. Company employees joined the initiative to help our soldiers in the fight for life.

Donor contributions are distributed at the hospital and sent to frontline hospitals. Any blood type with any rhesus is suitable.

Colleagues visited the Main Military Clinical Hospital at Hospitalna 16.

“I am glad that we can help soldiers, because their health is the key to victory and the future of the country. We had many people who became donors for the first time. But everyone felt good, because it passed without any obstacles. I hope even more people will be inspired to donate. We plan to support the initiative in the future,” said Olena Gvozdenko, executive director of EFI Group.

We invite you to join the donor initiatives. To better prepare for this important contribution, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the donor note.

Everything will be Ukraine!

EFI Group became a member of the European Business Association

The EFI Group investment company joined the European Business Association (EBA) in September. The association is the largest association of foreign and domestic businesses in Ukraine.

Joining the European Business Association will allow EFI Group to further influence the development of Ukraine’s economy and attract investments in various sectors of the economy. As an investment company, we constantly implement Greenfield and Brownfield projects. Developing a new wave of industrialization, we understand how important a productive partnership is. I believe that the community will benefit from our unique experience, because we are focused on the implementation of best practices for the recovery of the country’s economy,” shared the executive director of EFI Group, Olena Gvozdenko.

The EBA was founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission. Currently, the community includes more than 1,000 companies. The goal of the members of the association is to solve important issues for the country’s development through joint efforts. In particular, to improve the investment climate, develop entrepreneurship and the economy as a whole.

We invite you to the Business Upgrade Forum 2023

How does the business exist during wartime? Market experts will talk about the challenges, solutions, experience, and development of Ukrainian entrepreneurs very soon at the Business Upgrade Forum 2023.

Development Director of EFI Group, Serhiy Pinkas will speak at the forum and share the company’s cases during the war. What challenges faced the investment company EFI Group? More interesting things about extraordinary solutions and achievements during global challenges.



The purpose of the forum is to exchange experience, knowledge, and ideas of entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries. Where the most relevant issues, problems, and trends in business will be discussed.

How Ukrainian business recovered and adapted during the year of the war, challenges for business, and adaptation to new realities. How the war changes domestic business, state support, and prospects for the near future.

We invite you to register via the link: https://secure.wayforpay.com/payment/sdbb6fd07d12a

Key speakers of the event:



We are waiting for you at the forum!

The Civil Society Forum was held in Kyiv

The Civil Society Forum “Outlines of the Future: Victory, Restoration and Modernization of Ukraine” was held in Kyiv. About 3,000 people took part in the forum, including public figures, military personnel, volunteers and businessmen.

The forum is designed to gather dedicated representatives of central executive bodies, local self-government bodies, foundations, donor organizations, volunteer initiatives, humanitarian headquarters and various experts to work on a new vision of the country.

Among the speakers of the forum was Ihor Lisky, chairman of the supervisory board of EFI Group.

“Ukraine of the future is a real state, without fakes. There is no imitation of state institutions that we had before: a fake army, SBU, health care system, and society in general. Civil society is concerned people who don’t care.

If you create a business, build enterprises and do it honestly, you already care. And I believe that the fusion of such a society is the basis of the country’s future.

Sovietism displaced indifference and individualism. We must learn to unite not only against some kind of global evil, we must unite for the sake of implementing positive ideas. Being non-hostile towards each other is already a critically important task. Let’s trust each other. Then it will be possible to understand one’s own role in society and create a real state without imitation,” Ihor Liski concluded.

The main topics discussed at the forum:


More information about the sponsors and organizers of the forum at the link https://forum.ednannia.ua/

The Medychna Zirka and the Caritas signed a memorandum of cooperation

The All-Ukrainian network of health care institutions “Medychna Zirka” and the international charity organization “Caritas-Spes” Ukraine signed a memorandum to provide free assistance to the population affected by the war. Thanks to this, citizens of Ukraine will also be able to receive medical services online both in the middle of the country and abroad.

More than 500 doctors of the Medical Star from 30 departments located in 9 regions of the country will provide free medical services to the beneficiaries of Caritas-Spes Ukraine. In particular, patients will be able to sign declarations with family doctors and pediatricians.

“People with big hearts help to endure the trials of war. Ukrainians felt this support both in their own country and around the world. For us, becoming a partner of “Caritas-Spes Ukraine” means supporting charity effectively. That is why we direct all our efforts to provide high-quality primary medical care to people who have applied or will apply to Caritas-Spés. From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, our doctors helped those who needed it in the most dangerous parts of Ukraine. Therefore, the synergy of our efforts will be able to do even more!” – noted Igor Liski, the majority investor of the Medychna Zirka medical network.

According to the memorandum, the cooperation also includes professional training of doctors in the conditions of hostilities and raising the level of public awareness of pre-medical care for the injured. Doctors of the “Medychna Zirka” will also provide consultations to improve the qualifications of medical workers and improve the quality of medical services.

“War affects a person in various aspects. This is the issue of the poverty in which she finds herself, and the issue of destroyed houses, destroyed fate and health. We are called to unite our efforts in holistic help to people. The support of partners is very important for us, because it allows us to comprehensively surround a person with support. I am convinced that our cooperation will strengthen each of us in providing the help to which we are called” – Father Vyacheslav Hrynevych, Executive Director of Caritas-Spes Ukraine.

“Caritas-Spes Ukraine” is one of the 48 members of the “Caritas Europe” Federation and a member of “Caritas Internationalis”, a global confederation that unites more than 160 Catholic organizations. In Ukraine, the Mission works in all regions through 50 local organizations. Over the past year, “Caritas-Spes Ukraine” helped more than 700,000 beneficiaries and provided more than 3,000,000 social services.

The Medychna Zirka network cooperates with charitable foundations and humanitarian aid centers, such as: “I Mariupol”, “My Luhanshchyna”, “Mama + I”, “Kolo”, “Be like Nina”, “Doctors of the World” and public organization “ELEOS-LVIV”. The company signed memorandums with the Korean charitable organizations “Green Doctors”, “On hospital” on cooperation in providing medical assistance to all persons who suffered from the war and left the occupied territories.

Additional Information

The Confederation of Caritas Internationalis is a member of the Conference of the international Catholic organization of the Pontifical Council “Cor unum”, which has consultative status in UNESCO and other organizations of the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the Organization of African Unity, and also cooperates with the structures of the European Union and many well-known politicians and public figures. caritas-spes.org


The Medychna Zirka network provides medical care in 9 regions of the country and is constantly expanding its presence in various regions. Medical centers of the network specialize in providing primary medical care. Every Ukrainian can sign a declaration with a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist and receive medical assistance free of charge and without restrictions.


Economic Challenges and Opportunities of Ukraine – KSPA Alumni Forum S. Nizhny


On December 11, the III Alumni Forum of KSPA named after S. Nizhny.

Serhiy Nyzhny Kyiv School of Public Administration gathers experts and the public at the III Forum. The Ukrainian Institute of the Future will present its own forecast for the country’s development in 2022. There will also be several discussion panels at the event, during which they will talk about economic development, public administration and the future of the country.

What should Ukraine’s economy look like in the coming years? When will we cease to be a country of eternal prospects and constantly lost opportunities?

The panel “Economic Challenges and Opportunities of Ukraine” will discuss the real ways of developing Ukraine’s potential.

The moderator is Anatoliy Amelin, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future and director of the Economics program

Panel speakers:

✅Victor Galasyuk – President of the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome
✅Igor Lisky (Игорь Лиски) – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EFI Group, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future
✅Mykola Tymoschuk – CEO of UFuture holding company
✅Andriy Dligach is the chairman of Advanter Group

Register on the forum https://bit.ly/forum_kspa3


Medical online platform DOC.ua directs all its profits to help public hospitals

DOC.ua supports the medical institutions of Ukraine during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. That is why the company directs all profits from its activities to preserve the health of Ukrainians.

At the first stage, DOC.ua purchases certified medical equipment for the hospitals of Cherkasy and Zhytomyr: oxygen concentrators, cardio monitors, protective shields and artificial ventilation apparatus.

“Our task is to do everything possible to save people. Therefore, we direct all our profits to purchase equipment that will help fight the coronavirus. Our digital service currently is especially important for maintaining the health of Ukrainians, as it helps to avoid unnecessary risks of queuing and large crowds in hospitals and laboratories during quarantine,” said Serhiy Kazantsev, founder of the online platform.

The investors of the group of companies “Effective Investments”, which includes DOC.ua, supported the initiative.

“We have a clear position – the pandemic is not about profits but the life and health of people during a pandemic,” said Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Effective Investments Group of Companies. – The company will do everything it can to help fight COVID-19. It is a vital necessity and our priority in these difficult times.”


DOC.ua is an online platform for finding doctors, clinics and medical laboratories. It processes over 700,000 requests per month. Clients can use the services of more than 10 thousand medical specialists and 1,700 medical institutions in Ukraine.

EFI GROUP (Effective Investments Group) was established in 2007 and operates in the paper and gas, energy, agriculture, creative industries, IT and healthcare sectors.

Medical Service DOC.ua attracts Quarter Partners private fund investments

Quarter Partners Private Investment Fund invested in the purchase of shares in the DOС.ua project, the first and largest online service in Ukraine for searching and making appointments with a doctor. The majority owner of the service is EFI GROUP. The transaction amount is not disclosed.