Ukraine Energy experts visited the 10th European-Ukrainian Energy Day

The Strategic Session “A New Era of Sustainable Development in RES and EE in Ukraine – Horizon 2025” was about energy efficiency. The greatest challenge of today is the rational use of energy resources. That is why the specialists of the energy direction of Ukraine Energy company also joined the event.

Obviously, investing in the country’s energy is one of the significant needs of today. However, we also have many specific Ukrainian risks, which are often exaggerated. Much attention was paid to green tariffs and renewables. Experts also point out that the industry has even more significant challenges.

Christina Yan, a leading specialist at Ukraine Energy, said: “The issue of Ukrenergo certification as an independent transmission system operator was particularly important to us. At present, the issue remains unresolved. Attraction of investments, introduction of modern technologies can cause significant positive changes in the industry and economy of the country. But first of all, we all need to take conscious steps to improve the mechanisms of our interaction. “

10th European-Ukrainian Energy Day was held in honor of the anniversary of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency. EUEA has become an effective platform for realizing the massive potential of projects in the fields of energy conservation and renewable energy.