Special Laba Business School podcast with Igor Liski

The head of the supervisory board of the EFI Group gave an interview to Anton Shulyk in the podcast of the international business school Laba.

They talked about a new wave of industrialization, as well as about the investor’s experience in modern realities.

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Ukrainian and world economy: stimuli for growth after the pandemic – Dnipro Economic Forum 2021

The live broadcast of the Dnieper Economic Forum 2021 will begin at 11:45.


The forum will be opened by the discussion panel “Ukrainian and World Economy: Incentives for Growth after the Pandemic”

The speakers plan to discuss the interaction between the state and business. Namely, what does the state plan to simplify the life of business in the near future? How will the Ukrainian economy develop after the global crisis and what should Ukraine do to grow?

Among other things, they will analyze the country’s role in world markets and methods of bridging the gap between the domestic economy and leading countries. Learn about the trends of the present and the future of the country at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp-KiH-2OxY


✅Oleksiy Kucher, Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine

✅Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Effective Investments Group

✅Gennady Chizhikov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

✅Kateryna Glazkova, Executive Director of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

✅Volodymyr Vlasyuk, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Modernization of the CCI of Ukraine, CEO of Ukrpromzovnishekspertyza

  • Moderator: Pavlo Kazarin, publicist and TV presenter

Medical online platform DOC.ua directs all its profits to help public hospitals

DOC.ua supports the medical institutions of Ukraine during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. That is why the company directs all profits from its activities to preserve the health of Ukrainians.

At the first stage, DOC.ua purchases certified medical equipment for the hospitals of Cherkasy and Zhytomyr: oxygen concentrators, cardio monitors, protective shields and artificial ventilation apparatus.

“Our task is to do everything possible to save people. Therefore, we direct all our profits to purchase equipment that will help fight the coronavirus. Our digital service currently is especially important for maintaining the health of Ukrainians, as it helps to avoid unnecessary risks of queuing and large crowds in hospitals and laboratories during quarantine,” said Serhiy Kazantsev, founder of the online platform.

The investors of the group of companies “Effective Investments”, which includes DOC.ua, supported the initiative.

“We have a clear position – the pandemic is not about profits but the life and health of people during a pandemic,” said Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Effective Investments Group of Companies. – The company will do everything it can to help fight COVID-19. It is a vital necessity and our priority in these difficult times.”


DOC.ua is an online platform for finding doctors, clinics and medical laboratories. It processes over 700,000 requests per month. Clients can use the services of more than 10 thousand medical specialists and 1,700 medical institutions in Ukraine.

EFI GROUP (Effective Investments Group) was established in 2007 and operates in the paper and gas, energy, agriculture, creative industries, IT and healthcare sectors.

The story of Beehive company was told at the Agri Wisdom Summit

Today, Igor Lisky told Agri Wisdom Summit participants about the idea of ​​creating and building a high-tech honey production plant in Ukraine Beehive. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Efficient Investments group of companies spoke at the summit to share the experience of implementing greenfield projects.

“It is important for Ukrainians to learn and to share positive stories and help each other with their experiences and tips. We must outgrow the desire to underestimate our countrymen. The right strategy for the country’s development is based on the unity of business and the desire of entrepreneurs and investors to make the country a better place together,” said Igor Liski.

Among other things, they discussed the basic principles that underpin construction and the principles of implementing the Beehive Standard.

Medical Service DOC.ua attracts Quarter Partners private fund investments

Quarter Partners Private Investment Fund invested in the purchase of shares in the DOС.ua project, the first and largest online service in Ukraine for searching and making appointments with a doctor. The majority owner of the service is EFI GROUP. The transaction amount is not disclosed.



Igor Liski met with students of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group of companies “Effective Investments” gave a lecture to the students of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership on domestic innovations in the business environment.

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LIVE: Форум лідерів «Ми створимо світ кращий»Виступ Голови наглядової ради нрупи компаній «Ефективні інвестиції», співзасновника Українського інституту майбутнього Ігоря Ліскі ✨

Gepostet von Українська академія лідерства am Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019

Igor Liski participated in the II Saudi-Ukrainian Agrarian Business Investment Forum

Participants of the panel “Finance, Financial Stability and Investments” discussed issues of deepening cooperation in the agricultural sector between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Together with Yuri Geleti (Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine), Igor Mazepa (CEO Concorde Capital) and Sattam Fahad Almazad (Head of International Investment of ADF), they discussed the state’s plans to protect an international investor and a national producer.

Thus, the chairman of the supervisory board of our group of companies noted that the open land market could become Ukrainian oil. While discussing the risks and benefits of investing in Ukraine, much attention was paid to policy issues of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the National Bank.

Thank you Continental and Salic Ukraine for organizing the forum!

Group of companies “Effective investments” completed the purchase of IT company DOC.UA

“Effective investments” was acquired by the largest aggregator of private medical institutions in the country from the Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG). The size of the transaction was not disclosed, but both parties note that they are satisfied with the agreement reached.

Igor Liski Head of the Board of directors spoke about the reasons for acquiring the project by the “Effective investments” group of companies.

“Efficiency in all solutions is our main value. We invest in a lot of successful projects and modernize entire industries. For the whole team and for me personally it is very important to choose projects that are capable to create. Each of our projects creates an ecosystem, enables each employee and clients to develop, expands the capabilities of Ukraine as a whole. DOC.UA is an investment in improving the quality of medical care in our country. This is also a significant step for the IT sector, in the success of which I am sure. We have acquired not only the industry leader in the Ukrainian market, we have invested in a unique team of specialists. DOC.UA will scale, its technology and team are able to improve and amaze the whole world,” shared Igor Liski.

In 2014, Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) invested in DOC.UA, an online doctor search and appointment service. DOC.UA has become the largest player in the Ukrainian market in five years.

Stepan Chernovetsky, the founder of CIG and a shareholder in DOC.UA, notes: “It was not just a venture deal: we created a successful project and developed it to be the market leader. I believe that CIG and DOC.UA is one of the most brilliant examples of partnerships in business.” Volodymyr Krivko, managing partner of CIG and mentor at DOC.UA, details: “We didn’t just invest in the company that the entrepreneur created, and we created this company together: we carried out a market analysis, wrote a strategic development concept, recruited a team. In fact, DOC.UA has passed the business incubation on the CIG platform. In this project, we performed the role of not just an investor, but a full-fledged partner who provided legal support, created the product and developed the business. This is a very rare phenomenon not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in world practice.”

Sergey Kazantsev, the founder and CEO of DOC.UA, who began developing this area in 2013, emphasizes the uniqueness of the project: “The DOC.UA project has grown significantly over the past five years. Undoubtedly, now we are waiting for big calls. However, the new shareholder fully supports our company’s development strategy. In addition, the desire to scale and the values ​​shared with the shareholder will allow the company to conquer new heights. ”

CIG received a successful exit from investments, and the Effective Investments group of companies got a productive leader of the Ukrainian market in doctors online search.

DOC.UA is an online doctor search service launched in 2014. Today DOC.UA unites more than 1,300 clinics and 7,000 doctors in 24 cities of Ukraine. The service solves problem of choosing the right specialist and quick appointment. DOC.UA is absolutely free for patients, and has no hidden charges or commissions. Users of the aggregator have the opportunity to choose a clinic or a doctor, starting from real patient reviews, prices for services, mode of operation or location of the medical center. For the convenience of patients, in March 2019, the opportunity to register with a doctor online was launched. Read more: http://doc.ua/

Effective Investments (EFI) is a group of companies founded in 2007. The corporate center of a group of enterprises carries out its activity in various branches of the economy: the pulp industry, construction, gas industry, energy, agriculture, the creative industry. Strategic business assets of the group: Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory;  Ukraine Energy, company with expertise in the gas and energy efficiency industries; Beehive honey plant; Unimage animation hub; manufacturer of lumber Forest Technology; Efi Agro, specializing in the food supply; PAGL, an environmentally friendly constructors for kids; Solar Gaps, a solar-blind project; Pufetto, a furniture company. More: efi.ua

Chernovetskyi Investment Group (CIG) is one of the largest investment companies in Eastern Europe, founded in 2013, with an investment potential of more than $ 100 million. The company’s portfolio includes Ukrainian IT companies Softcube and Zakaz.ua. The latter became a member of the world-famous accelerator Techstars in Boston. In 2015, CIG invested $ 1 million in the KIDOZ (Israel) platform for children and $ 1 million in the Busfor international bus ticket service. In 2017, investments were made in the Indian service for the delivery of ready-made meals InnerChef, as well as in the company Kray Technologies, a manufacturer of industrial drones for agricultural enterprises. In 2017, CIG founded the CIG R&D Lab educational scholarship program. Read more: cig.vc