Ukrainian honey in the UK: Beehive conquers the market

Ukrainian honey of the company Beehive, which is part of the assets of the EFI Group, is now available to consumers in Great Britain. This became possible thanks to the launch of the UK Ukraine Trade Hub, an Oakland International company initiative aimed at supporting Ukrainian manufacturers and expanding their access to international markets.

“We are proud to continue to expand the geographic presence of Beehive honey in international markets. I believe that thanks to the hard work of the entire Ukrainian community, we will be able to introduce as many countries as possible to the quality of real honey. I urge you to promote Ukrainian! We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, but I am convinced that we will be successful,” said Beehive investor Ihor Liski.

Oakland International is certain that the UK Ukraine Trade Hub initiative helps Ukraine expand its horizons and contributes to the recovery of its economy. At the same time, the company will direct 50% of all profits received through the UK Ukraine Trade Hub to support the charitable prosthetics and rehabilitation center Superhumans in Lviv.

“This step is another manifestation of solidarity and support for Ukraine in this difficult period of its history. In addition, this initiative has the potential to contribute to the preservation of jobs and the promotion of Ukrainian goods. After all, this will allow us to present the best Ukrainian products to British consumers and bring a part of the homeland closer to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who found refuge in Great Britain after the war,” said Peter Turon, director of the UK Ukraine Trade Hub.

Currently, the Beehive company has made the first deliveries of honey to British retail and is negotiating with leading British chains.

What will be the basis for digitization of the healthcare system?

Yuliya Vitrova, medical director of the Mediychna Zirka network of medical institutions, in a special column for the “New Country” project, spoke about the peculiarities of the development of the medical industry in wartime conditions.

What will be the basis for digitization of the healthcare system?

The author analyzes the development of eHealth and the IT transformation of the medical industry. But he is looking for an answer to the main question for the Ukrainian healthcare industry. How to restore structures and processes so that they protect society, and make medical services modern and accessible to every Ukrainian?

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The Civil Society Forum was held in Kyiv

The Civil Society Forum “Outlines of the Future: Victory, Restoration and Modernization of Ukraine” was held in Kyiv. About 3,000 people took part in the forum, including public figures, military personnel, volunteers and businessmen.

The forum is designed to gather dedicated representatives of central executive bodies, local self-government bodies, foundations, donor organizations, volunteer initiatives, humanitarian headquarters and various experts to work on a new vision of the country.

Among the speakers of the forum was Ihor Lisky, chairman of the supervisory board of EFI Group.

“Ukraine of the future is a real state, without fakes. There is no imitation of state institutions that we had before: a fake army, SBU, health care system, and society in general. Civil society is concerned people who don’t care.

If you create a business, build enterprises and do it honestly, you already care. And I believe that the fusion of such a society is the basis of the country’s future.

Sovietism displaced indifference and individualism. We must learn to unite not only against some kind of global evil, we must unite for the sake of implementing positive ideas. Being non-hostile towards each other is already a critically important task. Let’s trust each other. Then it will be possible to understand one’s own role in society and create a real state without imitation,” Ihor Liski concluded.

The main topics discussed at the forum:


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Economic Challenges and Opportunities of Ukraine – KSPA Alumni Forum S. Nizhny


On December 11, the III Alumni Forum of KSPA named after S. Nizhny.

Serhiy Nyzhny Kyiv School of Public Administration gathers experts and the public at the III Forum. The Ukrainian Institute of the Future will present its own forecast for the country’s development in 2022. There will also be several discussion panels at the event, during which they will talk about economic development, public administration and the future of the country.

What should Ukraine’s economy look like in the coming years? When will we cease to be a country of eternal prospects and constantly lost opportunities?

The panel “Economic Challenges and Opportunities of Ukraine” will discuss the real ways of developing Ukraine’s potential.

The moderator is Anatoliy Amelin, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future and director of the Economics program

Panel speakers:

✅Victor Galasyuk – President of the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome
✅Igor Lisky (Игорь Лиски) – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of EFI Group, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future
✅Mykola Tymoschuk – CEO of UFuture holding company
✅Andriy Dligach is the chairman of Advanter Group

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