Reflection from Davos: Ukraine will be supported with weapons and financially as much as needed

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Ukraine was mainstream not only at the largest-ever Ukrainian House but also at other venues and events during this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, including the Main Forum. It certainly cannot but inspire. But on the other hand, it imposes maximum responsibility on all of us.

Ukraine is pure good, Russia is pure evil!

The main feeling is that the world has come to a basic understanding that Ukraine must win, without looking back at Russia. The new approach was vividly formulated by the ex-prime minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, who clearly cut off the question of what to do with Russia: “It is enough to advocate and worry about the problems of Russia after its defeat. It is not our business – what will happen to it there, what will be the consequences , what kind of face will Putin have after that! It is enough to be afraid of their blackmail and terror. Even nuclear! Ukraine is pure good, Russia is pure evil! Period!”.

This means that we will be given everything we need in terms of weapons: both tanks and planes. We will be supported not only with weapons, but also financially as much as needed. The only condition is transparency of use and zero corruption.

Western politicians, especially Republicans from the United States, say it straight to your face: your only weakness, which pro-Russian forces are attacking, is possible corruption. It is the only thing that can stop our help, no matter how much we want it. This is a red line from American society.

About future reconstruction after victory

There is already a consensus about a large infusion of money into Ukraine. We are talking about seized Russian assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars and investments of international financial institutions. Most importantly, I saw real interest and even moral commitment from large private equity funds like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. Moreover, there is an understanding not to rebuild the old Ukraine, but to immediately build a new, modern country of the future. This applies both to energy, which is expected to be the green energy hub of Europe, and to infrastructure.

The only thing that worries investors in private conversations: are there real, calculated projects, large enough for such large investments, or are there effective teams with project thinking and experience?!

The main conclusion is that in these extremely difficult times, fate has given Ukrainians a huge chance not only to defeat the sworn enemy, but also to build a modern, modern, efficient state. And it depends only on us – Ukrainians – how we will take advantage of this chance.