EFI Group supplies thermal insoles to soldiers of the Armed Forces


Investment company EFI Group cares about our defenders. We pre-ordered several tens of thousands of thermal insoles for the military. Currently, in particularly cold weather, it is extremely important to keep the soldiers of the Armed Forces warm.

Thank you to those who joined the initiative. In the near future, we will give thermal insoles to those who need it most. We are already distributing insoles and sending them to the most active areas of the front.
Importantly! The insoles are not for sale, this is a charitable donation.

Detailed information about the warming insoles: they are able to retain heat for 6 to 8 hours and are activated upon contact with air. The size is universal. We have already received positive feedback about their quality after last year’s experience.

All businesses of the EFI Group have not stood aside from the needs of the Armed Forces and Ukrainians since the beginning of the war. Together, we will donate, transfer cars to the front lines, purchase ammunition, make small pots, create information campaigns in support of military personnel and their families, and do many other things on our joint path to Victory.

Thank you for your concern. Together we invest in the future!