Partnership in investments. What projects are needed to rebuild the country?


Tomorrow, EFI Group Supervisory Board Chairman Igor Liski will address the Board business community
The main topic of the meeting is “Partnership in investments. What projects are needed to rebuild the country?”.

Moderator of the meeting — Volodymyr Strashko — co-founder of the “HR You” company, director of the Unicorn School, teacher of the “Unit School of Business” business school, certified business trainer.” Mentor of the international Board business community.

What are we going to talk about:

a new vision of the country: how we will rebuild and create the country;
the leadership role of the state in the new vision of the country;
the investment attractiveness of the country and what businesses should prepare for;
enterprises that need to be built in Ukraine;
partnership in investments. Examples of factories “Beehive”, “Fidnova”;
areas that are most interesting for investment partnership and where is the place for cultural heritage?

We will inform you about the insights of the meeting in the near future.

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