Ukrainian Institute for the Future is looking for an executive director


According to Igor Lisks, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future, the analytical center is looking for a caring person who, in this extremely difficult time, is ready to join the UIM team in order to continue educating and building the state.

“I want to personally thank Vadym Denysenko for these extremely difficult 3 years in this position. A special challenge was the mission of the Institute during the cynical full-scale invasion of the occupiers, where the Ukrainian Institute of the Future quickly switched to the assistance of the Armed Forces and military rails. We are especially proud of the direction of studying our main enemy – Russia (perhaps the only institution in Ukraine that systematically deals with this). Vadim personally played a big role in this too,” shared Ihor Lisky, co-founder of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future.
From EFI Group, we thank Mr. Denysenko for the effective work of the analytical center for 3 years and support for the development of a conscious civil society.

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