(Українська) Знайомимо з командою DOC.ua


Let us introduce you to the incredible teams of our businesses. The country’s largest medical online hub DOC.ua has started a new development milestone.

The DOC.ua team was headed by executive director Natalia Bondarchuk.
Natalia has a financial and management education, 22 years of work experience, more than 8 of them as a TOP manager in private medicine.
✅Financial director of TOP CLINIC DENIS in Kyiv
✅Commercial director of MEDION shopping center in Poltava
✅Operational Director of Emergency Care DOBROBUT
✅Head of the financial service of the LUKSOPTIKA holding
✅Author of the course “Finance in medicine, simply about the complex”

Also, in December 2023, the new CMO Serzh Snegiriov, who has a successful 10-year experience in Medical Marketing, strengthened the Team. Serge created one of the most effective marketing teams in medicine and brought to the market the new famous brand TOP Clinic DENIS (DENIS Clinic on 12,000m2)

✅Has maximum expertise in DIGITAL promotion of Clinics
✅A fan of WOW marketing and positive customer experience
✅Marketing director of MEDIKOM, the first clinic of Ukraine
✅Board of the Medical Marketing Community
✅Mentor MedRise – community of young doctors
✅We wish the team productive ideas and success!