Ukrainian and world economy: stimuli for growth after the pandemic – Dnipro Economic Forum 2021


The live broadcast of the Dnieper Economic Forum 2021 will begin at 11:45.


The forum will be opened by the discussion panel “Ukrainian and World Economy: Incentives for Growth after the Pandemic”

The speakers plan to discuss the interaction between the state and business. Namely, what does the state plan to simplify the life of business in the near future? How will the Ukrainian economy develop after the global crisis and what should Ukraine do to grow?

Among other things, they will analyze the country’s role in world markets and methods of bridging the gap between the domestic economy and leading countries. Learn about the trends of the present and the future of the country at the link:


✅Oleksiy Kucher, Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine

✅Igor Liski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Effective Investments Group

✅Gennady Chizhikov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

✅Kateryna Glazkova, Executive Director of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

✅Volodymyr Vlasyuk, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Modernization of the CCI of Ukraine, CEO of Ukrpromzovnishekspertyza

  • Moderator: Pavlo Kazarin, publicist and TV presenter