We invite to the master class ‘Hollywood from the inside’


We invite all the Hollywood enthusiasts: actors, producers, directors and scriptwriters to the master class from the film industry professionals!
On December 1, 2018, the IMAX cinema in Kyiv will host a workshop with the first three masters.
The Group of Сompanies Effective Investments together with Igor Liski continue to support the development of talent, which is why we have become one of the partners of the Hollywood in-house workshop. We consider our social responsibility to be the development of Ukrainian cinema, therefore, we promote the realization and training of its creators.

If you are interested in a career in cinema and TV series business, the knowledge of professionals and their practical skills will help you create the best product. The Hollywood Master Class is meant to give you effective tools, not behind-the-scenes fairy tales and fables.
“A” category directors, producers, actors, screenwriters, executive producers of major media studios, owners of independent Hollywood production studios are waiting for you.
Want to go to work on Hollywood requirements – buy a ticket at https://planetakino.ua/…/seriya_vorkshopiv_golivud_zsered…/…
First meeting with Hollywood masters at https://www.facebook.com/events/2405861382788703/



Works for – LIONS GATE
The latest producer’s work “WAITING MERCY – 2018”
The last directorial work “MISCONDUCT” in Ch. Cast AL PACHINO and ANTONI HOPKINS
– How the history of Hollywood cinema works
– Who really is a Hollywood director and how to become a film maker from Ukraine
– How to get the best in the frame regardless of budget
– How to find a manager and agent
– What is interesting for Hollywood directors in Ukrainian actors
– Secrets of working with directors in the USA
– How to get an agent
– How to start a Hollywood career at home.
– What to do with actors in order to raise their chances in the international market
– Difference between working with large movie stars.
Works for HBO and PARAMOUNT
– How to write a story so that it has everything in the world
– How to start writing for studios and a netflix
– What to avoid – about mistakes
– How to start making scripts
– How to write a movie or a series to get the Golden Globe.
The owner of the most progressive independent production in Hollywood “Heaven Entertainment”
– Why Hollywood begins to pay attention to countries such as Ukraine
– How to attract big Hollywood products to collaborate with Ukrainian services
– What do Hollywood studios and producers expect from Ukrainian production.
– How to do business in the production of independent cinema.
– How the production in the USA and its features are arranged.
– And just a lot of rational advice for the producers.