provides COVID-19 symptom online testing


The COVID-19 online symptom test is free and designed to independently identify the potential risks of a new virus.

The express test is available for users in Telegram, Viber and on the website. Testing takes 1-2 minutes. You will find out which risk group your current state of health can be attributed to: satisfactory, suspected ARVI, or coronavirus. Chatbot will tell you what to do or who to contact.

The user needs to answer simple questions about health status, contact with patients and recent travels. The test is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization for healthcare providers on the initial survey of patients with a potential threat of infection with the COVID-19 virus.

The test results are for informational purposes and are not a medical diagnosis. If signs of the disease are detected, we recommend that: if you are in serious condition, call an ambulance, if it’s moderate and light, consult your family doctor or therapist in online consultations or make an appointment.

The online test was developed by the medical online hub with the expert support of the investor Quarter Partners. The technology partner is Middlewar.

“When the best –, Quarter Partners and Middleware – joined to help people, a wonderful convenient product appears,” – says Sergey Kazantsev, founder of – “This test will help a person not to panic and not to guess for individual symptoms, but to quickly and safely get structured information.”

The medical expert system for the COVID-19 test was created on the basis of the Middleware platform Deepmemo Rules Engine. It is integrated into the digital ecosystem using the Corezoid Process Engine.

“Using Middleware solutions, we, as an investor, plan to accelerate the development of,” – comments Nikolay Shapovalov, Managing Partner of Quarter Partners Investment Company. – “We also see great potential for the development of expert systems that help doctors and patients do a preliminary analysis of their health status. One example of such a system is the COVID-19 bot. It allows the user to receive a recommendation and, just as importantly, a high-quality medical service on the platform. This approach provides a fundamentally new level of user experience in medicine. We believe that this is the future.”