Feednova is building a water treatment


At the construction site of the new Feednova plant, the construction of a wastewater treatment complex began. About 600 cubic meters of concrete are poured into the foundation of the facility.

On a modern two-stage treatment, 13-14 thousand cubic meters of water will be supplied monthly. Such a volume would be enough for about 5 pools of the Olympic class.

High-performance equipment and technologies, the supplier of which will be the european company, will purify water from nitrogen, phosphates, fat and other technological impurities.

“The company will begin to produce high-protein feed additives for farm and domestic animals and work safely for the environment,” – says company director Andrei Ogorodnik. – We will install modern treatment systems, use advanced technologies and protect not only water, but also soil, air and human health».

Ahead is the construction of a water treatment room, the purchase and installation of equipment, and the commissioning of the facility.

Recall, investors Feednova – group of companies “Effective Investments” and the company UMG Investment – announced their intention to build two more such enterprises and are actively looking for land in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine.