The future of Ukraine through the formation of a common Plan.B – Development of the Business Environment of Ukraine 2020-2030


On July 10, a meeting of business-co-investors Business 100 took place in the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, devoted to the capabilities of a powerful analytical center in the field of modeling and shaping the agenda for further development of Ukraine.

The participants of the meeting discussed opportunities for UIM to strengthen various projects, improve interaction in the business community. The Ukrainian Institute for the Future is a joint project of representatives of Ukrainian business, politics and the public sector, which was founded in the summer of 2016. Among the key vectors of the Institute’s work are the forecasting of changes and modeling of possible scenarios for the development of topical events in Ukraine, an independent, competent assessment of various phenomena in the country’s economic, political and social life. In addition to analytics, the Institute develops practical recommendations for action and offers effective solutions to acute problems. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, Igor Liski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Effective Investments. During a meeting with businessmen, he spoke about how entrepreneurs can stimulate economic development and create a business climate in Ukraine.

“What is a future institution? This is a “think tank”, a science center of the future, where new content is born, new ideas, unique programs. The Institute’s experts conduct research that can really help us to cope with the crisis and realize its huge economic potential, “says Igor Liski. Igor Liski stressed that the main customer for the institute is the domestic business itself – people who implement projects themselves, create jobs, and pay taxes. “At the global level, we are trying to prescribe clear rules of the game and the ideas that are the basis for the state and Ukrainian business,” says Igor Liski, “Why is it just about business? First and foremost, this is the stratum of the population that wants to live and realize its plans and ambitions in Ukraine. They do not marry for three or four thousand euros to Poland. These are people who believe in our country and its inhabitants.

“By generating independent analytical information, the Ukrainian Institute for the Future creates a solid foundation on which deputies can be relied upon in drafting and voting for individual bills, for businessmen – when deciding on the development of their own enterprise. “The most important thing that we now need is the ideological engagement of people capable of acting. Ukrainian business may feel like a customer of research from unbiased professionals. Thanks to our institute, anyone interested can receive relevant information, analytics and feedback,” – adds Igor Liski.