Medicine in the smartphone: the online hub introduced a medical mobile application


The online medical hub introduced a mobile application, unique opportunities for customers and announced access to new markets. The application is available on the Android and iOS platforms and is the first universal mobile solution in Ukraine, where 1,500 healthcare institutions, 11,400 doctors and about 300,000 user reviews have been collected.

In the application, Ukrainians will be able to choose a doctor by profession, experience, rating, place and cost of services, make an appointment with him, and then leave a review. An important function of the service is the ability to sign up for laboratory tests, purchase medications or receive audio advice.

“Today, more than 1 million Ukrainians users trust us. With each update, we are approaching the goal of creating an online ecosystem with the ability to maintain an electronic map in a smartphone. This will be a breakthrough in patient care. You will not need to remember if you were vaccinated against measles, you had chickenpox in childhood and when you had a sore throat – all this will be on your online map. We are building a world in which it’s easy to be healthy – and that’s great inspiration», – says Sergey Kazantsev, founder of

During the first half of this year, the company created a service of audio consultations with doctors, an online reference test for coronavirus, expanded the base by adding new medical specialists and new clinics. also concluded memoranda of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev, Cherkasy and Kherson regional state administrations.

 “It’s really cool when with the help of one button in your smartphone you get access to the whole world of medicine, you can control your health. Previously, this was considered impossible, but we refuted this by developing a revolutionary mobile application. Now we are building the digital foundation of the medicine of the future. We strive to help people maintain their health, because is already improving the interaction between patients and doctors, clinics, medical centers, – said Igor Liski, chairman of the supervisory board of the Effective Investments group of companies. – Our goal is to become No. 1 in the market, to be an example of digitalization and a new approach to healthcare in all markets of our presence.”

“We are pleased that companies such as, which already have extensive experience in implementing online medical services, are creating a whole new level of doctor-patient interaction. I believe that together we can create the medicine of the future in Ukraine. – notes Yaroslav Kucher, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine on digital development, digital transformation and digitalization. – I am proud that this application was developed by a native company”. expands its presence in other countries and this year entered the markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova. Soon the company plans to begin work in Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and the UAE.

The rebranding of the online medical hub was conducted by the marketing agency Fedoriv agency.