New education system will help build a new country


The state and business should make joint efforts for the large-scale reform of the Ukrainian system of higher education to make it truly capable and competitive in the world. This was noted by the chairman of the supervisory board of the group of companies “Effective Investments” Igor Liski during an online discussion with leading experts on education, which was held by the Ukrainian institute of the future (UIF).

According to Igor Liski, the construction of a new country must begin with the transformation of the education system, move away from outdated standards and stereotypes that have been accompanying this area since USSR. For this, is important to understand not only the needs of the economy, but also what it will be in 10 years, which specialists will be in greatest demand, and begin to compete with universities in developed countries, including students.

“If the reform does not begin soon, we risk losing all higher education system,” – said the chairman of the supervisory board of the Effective Investments group of companies. – It is necessary that the state understands – changes are possible with a new philosophy of education, decentralization, and a revision of government procurement policies. Big business should also join this transformation, offer its own ideas and projects, and make large-scale investments. I have a dream that in Ukraine will appear investors, who will build a new model of higher education, focusing on creating the economy of the future.

The discussion was held as part of the online presentation “A new model of higher education and business interests. How to make universities a factor of economic growth in Ukraine?”, which was developed by UIF.

“Business is waiting for a clear and transparent interaction with universities, and universities need to be more flexible in terms of managing premises and money, purchasing equipment, transferring knowledge and technologies,” – said  Mykola Skiba, event moderator, expert on education and skills of the 21st century Ukrainian Institute of the future. – A form that combines the effectiveness and accountability of a modern university is the corporate management model, where management and leadership merge, and a collegial management body with the participation of stakeholders shares responsibility with the team.

Earlier, UIF introduced the concept of “Ukrainian University of the New Generation”, which has a vision and strategic goals for updating universities, as well as ideas on transforming their management, financing, organizing research and the educational process, developing academic entrepreneurship and technology transfer.