Kyiv volunteer headquarters of COVID-19 counteraction began to work


Kyiv Volunteer Headquarters began its work in the capital of Ukraine. The main goal of the organization is to combine the efforts of the authorities, business and caring citizens to counter the epidemic of coronavirus. The chief coordinator of the headquarters is Igor Liski, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Effective Investments Group of Companies, and co-coordinator is Maxim Bakhmatov, adviser to the mayor of Kyiv. The organization collaborates with the Unified Coordination Center of the Kyiv City State Administration, created in pursuance of a separate order of the Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko.

“We also established partnerships with the same headquarters in Lviv, Odesa, Zhytomyr and Kharkіv,” notes Igor Liski.

The headquarters includes established experts in medicine, supplies, crisis management, logistics, interaction with local communities and opinion leaders.

Fundraising has begun for the purchase or production of protective equipment: medical masks, gowns, shields, apparatus of artificial ventilation of the lungs. It is planned to build or deploy a hospital, that can accommodate 10 000 people. All expenses of the collected money will be reported to the public.

Particular attention is paid to the doctors who are now between us and the virus: they will be engaged in their placement, nutrition, transportation to workplaces and the provision of medical equipment for personal protection. Also the efforts of all those who care to help aged people, low-income people and people with disabilities are coordinated.

In addition, the headquarters intends to control officials so that budget funds aimed at combating the epidemic go only as intended.

“We call on business, authorities and all caring citizens to support our efforts, help people and prevent the spread of the virus,” – says Maxim Bakhmatov. – The headquarters does not collect money and does not use budgetary funds, but only coordinates procurement activities. And we do not follow the ‘acquire for acquiring’ path. Our experts study the real needs of clinics for equipment, and doctors – for protective equipment, and find financing for targeted purchases of all necessary. We will report for each hryvnia that you give and make sure that all officials report for all budget spent. Join us, join to help people!”


You can help in our fight with the COVID-19:


  • Make a fee for acquiring medical protective equipment for Kiev doctors – Ukrainian Charity Exchange (Ukrainska Birzha Blagodiinosti)
  • Make a fee to help aged people, low-income people, people with disabilities – charitable organization Maybutniy Kyiv Charitable Foundation (legal address: Mechnikova St.2, Kyiv, 04050). The fund’s identification code – 39365432, the current account in hryvnas – UA 91 380805 000000 26005457559, Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, Kyiv, MFO 380805.
  • Tranches of more than 300 thousand UAH will be directed to the purchase of equipment for clinics, the deployment of the hospital and other projects that require large investments.