helps hospitals in the fight against coronavirus


The online medical hub, which is part of the Effective Investments group of companies, has purchased equipment and other medical supplies for medical institutions in Cherkasy and Zhytomyr. Cherkasy city infectious diseases hospital received a cardiomonitor, an oxygen concentrator, brushes and boilers, and the Zhytomyr Regional Clinical Hospital named after A.F. Gerbachevsky – 140 protective suits. All of this is extremely necessary for doctors during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Svetlana Volgina, director of the Cherkasy City Infectious Hospital, the help became timely and appropriate.

“This is extremely important for our children’s and adult departments, because we all understand danger  of the new virus,” says Svetlana. “We sincerely thank for their indifference to the needs of doctors and patients, to the life and health of people.”

In March, announced that will direct all its profits to the purchase of equipment that will help cope with the new virus for the hospitals in Cherkasy and Zhytomyr.

“We understand that medical facilities are in dire need of help and immediately decided that we will buy what is most relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Sergey Kazantsev, founder of the online hub. – The company immediately turned to doctors with a proposal to create a list of what they need right now. After receiving the information, we quickly contacted with suppliers of medical equipment and goods, which has all the relevant certification, and now we are transferring the first batch. “

Now continues active communication with the leadership of medical institutions on the following purchases.

“We are doing everything to confront the pandemic, we are helping doctors and medical facilities at all levels, and we urge all who care to join us,” said Igor Liski, chairman of the supervisory board of the Effective Investments group of companies. – We can win the fight against coronavirus only by joint efforts. “ is an online medical hub founded in 2014. This is a convenient online medicine: audio consultations, a doctor’s call at home, drug delivery? safe reception in the clinic. Now database has more than 10 thousand doctors, more than 1.5 thousand medical institutions throughout Ukraine and leading laboratories. Service is available 24/7.