The modernization of drying stand at Ilyich MMF has been completed


Ukraine Energy company has successfully completed work on the improvement of the drying booth of cast-iron ladles of the blast-furnace shop at Ilyich MMK.

The project included installing a modern burner kit for locking and control valves and a control cabinet. The specialists of the company provided a full range of services for the maintenance of the facility at Ilyich MMK. Engineers started work from the design phase to commissioning. In the course of the pilot experiments, five drying sites were completed. According to the results of the land operations, the effectiveness of replacing the existing burners with the burners of Ukraine Energy was assessed. During the period of experimental drying, the company supervised the temperature of the ladle lining according to the indications of the thermocouples installed in the walls of the ladle.

In accordance with the act on the results of the drying, the gas-fired device (GGU) Ukraine Energy allows to provide the specified parameters of drying lining (120 0С on the boundary of the reinforcement-working layer) 21 hours earlier. These indicators are 27% less and the natural gas consumption for drying is 1203 m3, which is 33.9% less than with the existing work of the stand. This savings exceeds the 10% stated in the contract, by 24%.