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Effective lnvestments Company (Effective lnvestments, LLC) was founded in 2007. Corporate center of the group of enterprises carries out its activity in various branches of the economy: agriculture, pulp industry, construction, gas, energy, creative industry, engineering and coal industry. Chairman of the Board of Effective lnvestments Company is lgor Liski.

Production facilities of the enterprises are located in Ukraine with the headquarter in Kyiv.


Our values

We set ourselves the goal of achieving impressive results in the shortest possible time, optimally using resources.
We fulfill obligations to business partners, employees and regions of our enterprises presence.
We create a team of professionals fully involved in the project and the activities of the company.


Creating unique projects with team of
professionals, we are building a new Ukraine.
Together we change the future!
Igor Liski
Igor Liski
Chairman of the Board


Be aware of our achievements.
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Video of Igor Lisky on the “Pomylyaisya” forum
Video of Igor Lisky on the "Pomylyaisya" forum. Watch more!
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Invitation to the Business Wisdom Summit on October 3rd and 4th!
Together with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies, Igor Liski will talk about the development of the innovation ecosystem and the experience of the group of companies "Effective Investments".
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(Русский) Лекция об ответственной сортировке мусора
(Русский) Мы в группе компаний «Эффективные инвестиции» организовали совместную лекцию о правильном сортировке мусора. Специалисты компании Blue Ocean Solutions рассказали о важнейших аспектах сортировки отходов и о последствиях игнорирования проблемы.
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