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We invest in various areas of the economy and develop them. There are eHealth, paper, food and woodworking industries, the development and implementation of energy-saving solutions, gas trading, agricultural supplies and others.

Group enterprises are located in five regions of Ukraine with a control center in Kiev. Our experts solve the most non-standard investment tasks, use a comprehensive market analysis and the latest technology. The company effectively cooperates with partners and customers in Ukraine and abroad.

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Economic Challenges and Opportunities of Ukraine – KSPA Alumni Forum S. Nizhny
02.12.2021 13:15:59

On December 11, 2021, the Kyiv School of Public Administration named after Serhiy Nyzhny gathers experts and the public at the III Forum. The Ukrainian Institute of the Future will present its own forecast for the country's development in 2022
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Special Laba Business School podcast with Igor Liski
25.11.2021 14:48:52

In a special podcast of the Laba business school, the head of the EFI Group's supervisory board, Igor Liski, talks about his own experience in various business areas. How to diversify business risks? How to create capital and increase it?
How does a new generation investor see the future of Ukraine and why is it so important to make a GDP of 1 trillion dollars?
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Ukrainian and world economy: stimuli for growth after the pandemic – Dnipro Economic Forum 2021
18.11.2021 11:30:40

The live broadcast of the forum will begin in a few minutes. The speakers plan to discuss the interaction between the state and business. Namely, what does the state plan to simplify the life of business in the near future? How will the Ukrainian economy develop after the global crisis and what should Ukraine do to grow?
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