“Effective investments” group of companies joined the project “Nation Core”


The project was founded by the “Ukrainska pravda”. It was intended a year ago to talk about the unique Ukrainians. The editors will describe the stories of 12 prominent people in the country.

During the year, the following stories have already been published: Lubomir Guzar, Bogdan Gavrilishin, Mustafa Dzhemilev, Klim Churyumov, Joseph Zisels and Nina Matvienko. Soon, the project will release six more materials.

The editors of “Ukrainska pravda” and partners arranged a celebration and rewarded the project participants. The organizers also supported the “Tablettochky” charitable foundation, joining the help to children. A quiet auction was held at the charity evening, at which the main exhibits were paintings from children with cancer from Okhmatdet.

«The project stimulates not only business, but all Ukrainian to be responsible. We unite efforts that provide such initiatives. Only together can we help with concrete actions. All this is for the moral and physical health of the nation, for the sake of our future.” – says Igor Liski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Effective Investments group of companies.

Thanks to the auction, we managed to collect 140,000 hryvnias for children with cancer. The funds plan expenses for equipment, medicines and various equipment for clinics in the regions of Ukraine.

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